• Idle Day



    Got up in 15 past seven, my fist job was to cook breakfast for Maidou, useing  flour paste left from yesterday's Jiaozi.Maidou loves those kind of food, he does not like meat, he like vegetable and fruits.For him, the more home-made, the more delicious.

    After he stepping out of our apartment, I began to listen Adanced English as while as cleaning the house.

    I should visit National Art Museum of China today,the second Beijing International Art Exhibition is being holded there.But after checking calendar, I found that instead of visiting National Art Museum, I should go to Beijing Film Factory, liuDing and his friends will begin their 24-hour program this afternoon.He said in his letter to me, there is only 24 hours,what will we do and what will happen to us? It is stirring. The 24-hour program seems to be more attractive than the official exhibition. I decided I go there first.